Advance Auto Parts Survey – Win $2,500 Gift Card at AdvanceAutoparts.Com/Survey

Hello, gift card lovers! All of you must never imagine that you can start to redeem your Advance Auto Parts receipt with $2,500 gift cards. In this case, all of you can start to fill out Advance Auto Parts Survey. You know, this Auto Survey is reachable at AdvanceAutoparts.Com/Survey. Here, you all just need to fill out the entire survey form. And, at the ending part, you are going to get the chance to take part in the Sweepstakes. No doubt, it is the program which is going to lead you to be the winners of $2,500 gift cards. Best luck!

What is Advance Auto Parts Survey?

Well, you must be as happy as you know this good news. Indeed, you just get to own the valid receipt in order to fill out the the survey. Anyway, Advance Auto Parts Survey is the legal customer or guest satisfaction survey for all customers. Yes, most people also call this program Auto Survey. Today, the  Corporation launches the Survey program. And, you can start to be a part of it by going to AdvanceAutoparts.Com/Survey.

Advance Auto Parts Survey Sweepstakes to Win $2,500 Advance Auto Parts gift card
Advance Auto Parts Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides accessed from

As all of you can see, Auto Parts Survey sweepstakes portal offers all of you to leave some feedback. No doubt, you can freely leave the complaints, as well as the suggestions. No doubt, the official team is going to welcome your opinion. And, for the rewards, you are going to get the chance to take part in the Sweepstakes. Yes, the more sweepstakes you take part, the more chances to be the winners. Are you ready to get the $2,500 gift cards?

Advance Auto Parts Survey Sweepstakes to Win $2,500 Advance Auto Parts gift card
Advance Auto Parts Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides

What Steps to Take to Join Auto Parts Survey Sweepstakes?

Alright! Some of you must be excited to start filling out the survey. In this case, it will be important for all of you to get the insight into AdvanceAutoParts Survey steps. Indeed, there are two ways to take part in the Auto sweepstakes whether it is via online or mail. Well, here are the online sweepstakes steps for you:

  • Step 1: Go to the Survey Website

First of all, as usual, you get to go to the website. In this case, you must get your online stuff including the browser and the connection. Yes, you can start to use your smartphone or another device. Later, you can start to go to Just so you know, it is the only AdvanceAutoParts survey portal which is official.

  • Step 2: Fill Out the Survey Code

For the next, when you see the homepage, it is important that you all fill out your Survey code. No doubt, you can start to check out the code on your receipt. Mostly, the survey code has the 15 numbers.

  • Step 3: Click on “Next”
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After filling out the code, you can start to click on the “Next” button. You know, you won’t be able to get into the survey page if the survey code is invalid.

  • Step 4: Give Ratings on the Questions

So, you have got into the Survey portal. The next thing which you get to do is giving the ratings based on your shopping experience. As all of you can see, there must be various questions. Indeed, you can freely give the good or even bad ratings based on your satisfaction level. Yes, the questions will be about the store location, service, products, and so on.

  • Step 5: Leave the Feedback

For the next, it is also important for all of you to start leaving some feedback. Yes, it is going to be a precious chance as you can speak up your mind about your last visit. No doubt, you can leave the  suggestions, other comments, and even complaints.

  • Step 6: Take Part in the Sweepstakes

If you have done with all of those steps, it means that you have finished filling out the Survey. Now, it is all your choice whether you are going to take part in the sweepstakes program or not. If you are willing to win the $2,500 gift cards, you get to take part. But, you can submit the Auto survey form anyway if you refuse to take part.

  • Step 7: Complete Filling Out Your Personal Data

Of course, you choose to take part in this Auto survey sweepstakes program. Well, you all can complete the steps by filling out your personal data. If you see, you need to fill out your full name, age, birthdate, as well as your gender. Besides, you also get to fill out your personal contacts including the phone number, home address, as well as email address.

What Steps to Take to Join  Auto Parts Sweepstakes by Mail?

Do you know? You can also start to take part in the sweepstakes by mail. For your information, there are some steps which you get to follow in order to get enrolled. And, here the steps guides:

  • Step 1: Get Your Utensils, Not the Receipt

At first, you get to know that you won’t need any receipt in order to take part in the offline sweepstakes. Yes, all of you just need to start preparing your utensils. Here, they include the pen, postcard, complete with the envelope with the post office stamp.

  • Step 2: Write Your Personal Data

And then, you can directly write your personal data. Indeed, the information that you get to provide will be similar to the online sweepstakes. Yes, you get to write your full name, email address, age, gender, as well as phone number and home address.

  • Step 3: Send it to Advance Auto Parts 2018 Customer Survey Sweepstakes

After that, you get to send your personal data to PO Box 6002, Morton Grove, Illinois 60053. Yes, the steps are simple as you don’t have to fill out the Auto survey. But, you must pay for some cents in order to get your letter sent before the due date.

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What are the Auto Parts Survey Sweepstakes Qualifications and Rules?

Understanding the sweepstakes steps doesn’t mean that you can automatically be the winners. Of course, it is important for all of you to obey the sweepstakes rules. And, they are:

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for the Survey Sweepstakes

First of all, you get to know that all participants must be qualified. In this case, you get to be 18 years old at least and who is the legal resident of America is. And also, you must not be a part of the employees or even the Auto survey sponsors. It is because the survey is not for the workers.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join the Sweepstakes

And then, you also need to know what you are going to need. In this case, it is important for all of you to start preparing the stuff. For the online Auto sweepstakes, you get to prepare your smartphone and the internet connection. Meanwhile, for the offline one, you must get the utensils.

  • Get the Valid Receipt

Talking about the receipt, you won’t need any if you are going to take part in the offline one. But, you must get the valid receipt if you want to take part in the online sweepstakes. Somehow, the receipt has the validation date, and you get to check out the date.

What are Advance Auto Parts Customer Survey Sweepstakes Rewards and Prizes?

So, you have obeyed all the rules as well as the steps guides. Now, it is okay to get curious about the sweepstakes prizes. For your information, there will be only one sweepstakes winners. Yes, the winner will earn $2,500.00 gift cards.

For your information, if you win, you get to obey the rules in redeeming the prize. They include filling out the Advance sweepstakes winners form. Once you are late, you won’t be able to redeem the prize. And, as the prize is in the form of gift card, you can only start to use the prize at the stores. Of course, you can try to use it for free gas for a year. Nice, isn’t it?

Ways to Check Auto Parts Sweepstakes Winners

Well, some of you may get interested in checking out the list of sweepstakes winners. Of course, you can start to go to Or, you can also start to write a request to Auto Parts Customer Satisfaction Winners. Yes, the address is still at PO Box 6000, Morton Grove, Illinois 60053.

Brief about Advance Auto Parts Corporate Profile

Friends! All of you must know that Advance Auto Parts is a chain of Retail Company from America. Here, you can start to get various automotive parts complete with the accessories like batteries and oil filters. In the first place, the first store was in 1932. Anyway, you can start to go to the Headquarters by going to Roanoke, Virginia. Today, there are for about 5,372 locations in the United States of America. If you see, this company has some subsidiaries including CARQUEST and World Pac.

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How to Seek for Advance Auto Parts Near Me?

Do you want to seek Auto Parts locations in your area? Why not? Here are some of the best online ways in which you can give a try. They are:

  • The Store Locator

First of all, you can start to go to Yes, at Advance Auto Parts official website, you are going to get the navigator or store locator. Of course, you must fill out your zip code, city, or state.

  • Advance Auto Parts Near Me

For the next, you can also start to seek Advance Auto Parts Near Me on Google search engine or Google Map. No doubt, the filters will help you much as you can set the locations based on the hours. Besides, you can also try to set it based on the ratings as well as the distance from your current position.

  • Advance Auto Parts App

And the last, you will also get more info about the locations if you get the official Advance Auto Parts application. Yes, all of you can start to get the store locator, and you can use the GPS satellite.

How to Get in Touch with the Customer Care Service?

If you need to start getting in touch with Advance Auto Parts official team, you can try the following contacts. Yes, here are the contacts for you:

  • Corporate Office Address

First of all, you can give a try to write a letter and address it to 5008 Airport Road NW, Roanoke, VA 24012, USA. Yes, it is the Advance Auto Parts Roanoke VA Headquarters address.

  • Business Hours

Anyway, you get to know the business hours which start from 8 AM to 8 PM every day.

  • Phone Number

Of course, you can also start to call the number which is reachable at +1 877 238 2623. No doubt, you get to call the numbers in Advance Auto Parts business hours.

  • Social Networks

Yes, all of you can start to get your smartphone and access the Facebook or LinkedIn. Besides, you can also check out the YouTube, Instagram, as well as the Twitter.

  • Website

The last, all of you must get the info which you need by going to No doubt, it is the official website address. Some of the info for you is its Coupon, Advance Auto Parts Near Me, as well as the Careers. Besides, you can also check out the Hours, AutoZone Auto Parts. And, you can get more about the locations including Advance Auto Parts San Diego and Advance Auto Parts Roanoke VA Headquarters.

No doubt, you can start to go to AdvanceAutoparts.Com/Survey which is the official Auto Survey website. By filling out the Advance Auto Parts Survey 2018, you are going to get the chance to win $2,500 gift card. Enjoy being Advance Auto Parts Sweepstakes winner!

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