MySubwayCard Sign Up – Tips for MySubwayCard Login & Subway Gift Card Balance

For you who love Subway restaurant, you must admit that being member can bring you happiness. In this case, you just have to process MySubwayCard Sign Up. And, at the website, you will be able to start MySubwayCard Login to access anything about MySubwayCard. They are like Subway Gift Card Balance, Coupons, Points, as well as Register Rewards Card. Of course, you can also gain some My Subway Card rewards if you have enough Subway Card Points. Simply, you can start to process the card login to claim your rewards. Are you ready?

What is MySubwayCard Sign Up?

Some of you may still don’t get about this term and therefore, it will be nice if you begin finding out the term. For your information, MySubwayCard is the name of Subway Card that gathers some points that you can redeem for some rewards. In this case, the rewards can be the free sandwich, burger, beverages, meals, and so on. Of course, it is all based on your Card Points whether they meet the criteria for certain rewards or not.

MySubwayCard Sign Up and MySubwayCard Login Steps
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If you want to get your card, first thing first, you must start to Register Rewards Card. Here, you must go to the official website. And then, you can create a new account as a new user. No doubt, there are some benefits that you can claim from becoming this official member. Yes, you will get extra points for each transaction you make at the restaurant. And of course, you can redeem those card points for some rewards. Doesn’t it sound inviting to you?

MySubwayCard Sign Up Step by Step
MySubwayCard Sign Up Procedures

How to Start the Sign Up Step by Step?

Alright! You seem to be ready to begin owning the card. But, it will be best if you know all the steps you must take to sign up. And, here are the details of sign-up up steps for you:

  • Step 1: Visit theWebsite

First of all, you must get a device with an internet browser and an online connection ready. For the next, you must type at the address bar. Yes, it is the official website and you must visit it through one of those addresses.

  • Step 2: Click “Register a Card”
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For the next, you can continue to click “Register a Card.” And then, this button will bring you to the registration form that you have to complete.

  • Step 3: Enter Your Information

Alright! You have entered the menu and now, it is your time to enter your personal information. In this case, they are like your full name, your valid email address, as well as your password, and your phone number.

  • Step 4: Choose Security Questions

After that, you can continue by choosing some security questions at My Subway Card sign up page. Of course, along with the questions, you also have to arrange the answer to each question. In this case, you have to be careful because the answers you make are sensitive. Here, you must pay attention whether you need the caps lock on or off.

  • Step 5: Enter the Credentials

And now, it is your turn to enter the card number as well as the PIN. In this case, you will get it when you buy the card at the restaurant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being confused on those data.

  • Step 6: Enter the Data

If you have completed all credentials, now, you must also enter your data. Here, the data that you must enter are like your mailing address, your birth date, as well as your gender. Of course, you cannot miss any single data as they are important for the sign-up process.

  • Step 7: Click “Submit”

And the last, you can click that button of “Submit” to send the online registration form. And now, you have completed all sign up steps. For the next, you can begin to start the login process to enjoy receiving some benefits from your card.

How to Start MySubway Card Log In Step by Step?

Yes, you have got your account, and now, you can begin to log in to your account. Indeed, the process of log in is simple as you just have to follow the guides. And, here is log in steps for you:

  • Step 1: Visit the Login Website

As you can see, you must visit the website that takes the same place as the sign up website. Yes, simply, you can visit the official website. This link then will bring you to the official homepage.

  • Step 2: Click “My Cards”

And then, as you have got your new account, you can skip the sign-up process. Instead, you can directly click “My Cards” at the homepage. No doubt, it will show you the Login portal.

  • Step 3: Enter the Login Credentials

Once you get the log in the portal, now, your job is to enter all Login credentials. Indeed, you must enter that username and also the password.

  • Step 4: Click “Submit”

And the last, you can click “Submit” to end the process of Login. Yes, you will be able to check your account to access some information about points and rewards you want.

How to Check Your Gift Card Balance Step by Step?

As you have gained all you need, now, you are free to explore all features at your account. Not to mention, you can also try to check your Gift Card balance. Here, if you get it confusing, you can begin to follow these steps. Indeed, there are three ways to check the balance. They are:

  • Step 1: Check the Gift Card Balance Online
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The first way to check your balance is by going online. In this case, you just have to go to the official site and find the menu of the checking service. When you get Gift Card homepage, you can click “Card”. Indeed, you will also find other menus such as “Card for Kids”, “Order Online” as well as “Partners”. And, as you are going to check your card balance, you must click “Subway Card”. For the next, you will have to enter some data. They are the card number as well as the PIN. And the last, you can click the button that says “Check Balance”. Finally, you can access the details of your Gift Card Balance.

  • Step 2: Check Gift Card Balance via Customer Service

The next, you can also check the balance of your card by dialing the customer service phone number. In this case, the number that you can call is 1 877 697 8222. When you dial the number, it will be best for you to prepare your username or the number complete with the PIN.

  • Step 3: Check Gift Card Balance via Account

And the last, you can just simply start to log in to your account. Yes, you can follow the steps above that guides you how to log in to your account. For the next, you will get all information of your card.

What Are the Card Benefits for all Members?

And now, talking about the card, you must be curious about the benefits that you will get from this membership. Indeed, you will get some of the benefits that will bring you a lot of advantages. They are such as:

  • Benefit 1:

For information, the first benefit from membership is that you will get an instant point. Yes, when the first time you start to sign up, you will get extra $50 points. Of course, other restaurants will not offer the same special treatments for you and therefore, you must be lucky of having this Card.

  • Benefit 2:

For the next, you will also begin to get other special offers whenever you get a receipt. For example, you can enter the survey to gain the free sandwich. And of course, the restaurant will provide other promotions for its member. Therefore, having the card is such a gift for you, especially if you love fast foods.

  • Benefit 3:

The next, you can begin to earn extra points if you reload the balance starting from $5 to $50. And, the limit of the card is $500 for the total balance in cards.

  • Benefit 4:

And also, you will be able to send some yummy gifts for the people you love such as families, friends, and even partners in your job. No doubt, you are free to give your cards to your beloved people.

  • Benefit 5:

After that, you will also get a chance to create your children some Cards. it is because this restaurant has a special card for the kids customers called Subway Card Kids. No doubt, you are free to create that card so your children can enjoy some fresh foods that they love. No doubt, there will be some interesting offers from this Card for Kids.

  • Benefit 6:
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In case you own a business, you can use this the cards as the gifts for your employees. No doubt, they will be happy as they can enjoy some menus whenever and wherever they want.

  • Benefit 7:

Talking about your card balance, you don’t have to worry as you are free from the fees. Also, you don’t have to think about the expired date as these cards don’t have the due date or the expired date.

  • Benefit 8:

And the last, it is also an inviting offer as you can put this these cards as some gifts for some occasions. They are such as birthdays, holidays, graduations, and other special moments. One thing that you need to note is that everyone loves fast food!

What You Know about Subway Restaurant?

For your information, Subway is one of the famous American privately held chains of fast food restaurant chains. If you see, this corporate focuses on serving submarine sandwiches as well as fresh salads. At the first time, Fred DeLuca and also Peter Buck launched the first restaurant on August 28, 1965. At that time, the first store was in Bridgeport, Connecticut. When you see today, the company has over 44,229 stores locations in the whole world.

How to Get In Touch with Subway Customer Service Staff?

Anyway, do you want to get in touch with the customer service staff? Well, you don’t need to worry as you are free to contact the customer service center. And, these are contact details:

  • Franchise World Headquarters Address

The first contact, all customers are free to send the company a letter. Here, you should address it the official office that is 325 Subway Milford, Connecticut 06461 3059 USA.

  • Phone Numbers

Second, you can also feel free to call the corporate at the number of 203 877 4281. Or, for the alternative customer service number, you can dial 800 888 4848.

  • Websites

And the last, you can go to official websites. Indeed, the different website provides the different information you need. For example, at, you can access all about menu, prices, careers, locator, and so on. Meanwhile, at member card website, you can access the information about your Card. They are including Card balance, sign up, Login, Subway Card points, Subway gift card balance, and so on. And the last, provides you all information about the survey that will give you free coupons for free menu.

And, it is all that you need to find out related to My Subway Card sign up. Since now on, you can begin to find out what you can get from your Card. No doubt, the benefits offered especially to you is ultimate and you will be happy having that card. So, enjoy the process of the sign up, start to enter MySubwayCard login, and enjoy exploring the benefits!

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