Sonic Drive thru – Get Sonic Drive-Thru Locations and Enjoy Special Sonic Deals

Hi, Sonic Restaurant Customers! Are you hungry? But, you don’t have the free time to sit or even wait for Sonic Menu on your table. Then, you have no longer worries as Sonic Drive thru already exists in your town. More to say, you can visit Sonic Happy Hours and enjoy the special Sonic Deals for the lucky customers. Well, Friends! We are ready to give you the insight of Sonic services and the special Sonic Deals that you need to try. So that’s why you need to stay tuned and happy reading!

About Sonic Drive Thru

Talking about Sonic Restaurant, we may lose the ideas that it is almost no weakness or limitations to Sonic. All we know, that Sonic is one of the biggest fast-food chains in the United States and even in the worldwide. The people may not unfamiliar with the restaurant as it has served the customers for 55 years ago. Starting the first operation as the small fast food submarine, it explores the operation of some awesome services. And, Sonic Drive thru is one of the new deals for the restaurant.

Sonic Drive thru Steps to Find
Sonic Drive thru Lists and information is available at

You know, this Drive thru station has helped the customers who don’t have enough time to sit or enjoy the Sonic Drive in Services. Through this service, you don’t need to come into the Sonic Stores and stand in front of the cashier to order Sonic Menu. On the contrary, you only need to come to Sonic Drive Thru Station and take the order on your vehicle. Of course, it is more effective when you don’t need to stand in the queue to wait for your order delivered.

How to Search Sonic Drive Thru Locations
Sonic Drive Thru Locations Near Me

About Sonic Drive thru and Sonic Drive in

Actually, when we talk about Sonic Dive thru, we will remember with Sonic Drive In instead. Of course, it is the main services where you can enjoy the delicious menu while you enjoy the enjoyable places to eat. Overall, we can see four main services in the restaurant, and here they are:

  • Sonic Drive in

First of all, you may enjoy the drive in services in all Sonic Locations. Here, you can sit and enjoy the clean places and friendly customer service teams. Once you order Sonic Menu, you will satisfy with the high-speed of the services and even the fresh menu you get. If you come to Sonic Restaurant with your family and friends, it is the best place where it is large enough with the affordable and delicious menu options.

  • Sonic Take-Away
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The second, you may try to take the takeaway services when you are too lazy to go outside your room. In some conditions, you need to spend the quality time with your kids at home while you can order Sonic Delivery to get the menu you like. You know, you will get the fast delivery and get surprised by the free shipping services.

  • Sonic Drive-thru

If you don’t have the free time to park your cars and come to Sonic Locations, you may stay calm on your cars and go to Sonic stations. Guys, you will get the fast respond and fast menu delivery as you don’t need to wait for a long time.

How to Get Sonic Locations?

Well, guys! It is obvious that you cannot wait to taste the delicious Sonic Menu. If you know, you, the Sonic Burger are one of the most popular Sonic Menus that you must try. You can find a lot of varieties of burger with the affordable price that you need to pay. When you have recently moved to the new city then you don’t know exactly the roads, here some simple steps that you can try to get Sonic Locations, and here are:

  • Get the digital map

The first way that you need to try is about to open the google map on your device and type in “Sonic Drive-thru near me” on the search bar. There, you may list the locations and even the official website of each nearest locations. Once you tap on the location, you may see the details map, direction as well as the special Sonic Deals.

  • Visit the official site

After that, you are able to get Sonic Official Website at There, you may tap on the “Locations” menu and type down your city or state that you are going to know. Well, you may see the details and even the services. If you are lucky, you may get the nearest Sonic locations.

  • Install Sonic Mobile App

At last, you may try to install the digital map on your private smartphone. One of the special features that you can get is about to find Sonic Near Me and even the drive thru services.

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Let’s know about Sonic Hours

For the next, you may need to know the hours of operation of Sonic Restaurant. Even, it may be different in some locations. It is too hard to share for more than 3000 Sonic Locations about their specific hours. But in general, you can visit the locations from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM. Sometimes, you may get Sonic Happy Hours when you can get some special deals and offers. So that’s why, to get the details of this offer, you are able to follow these simple steps:

  • At first, you must get the official website at
  • Then, you can click on “Location” and type the city.
  • At last, you will get the details of Sonic Hours and even the available Sonic Happy Hours information.

What do You Know about Sonic Restaurant?

Alright, we have talked much about the Drive-thru services. But, we have not discussed Sonic Restaurant instead. Well, it is the fast food restaurant chain that places the headquarter office in Oklahoma, the United States. We can find for more than 3,500 Sonic Locations that spread in all states of the US, Europe, Asia, and even Australia. There are a lot of Sonic Menu that you can try such as Sonic Cheddars Paper, Sonic Cheese Burgers, Sonic Route 44 and much more others.

About Sonic Deals in Sonic Drive-Thru and Drive in Services

For the next, you have to know that there are some Sonic Deals that you can try. Those are the special offers to make you satisfy and desire to visit Sonic Restaurant again and again. And, here some lists of Sonic Deals that you can try, those are:

  • American Classic

The first Sonic Deals is about to get the affordable price of All-American Dog and Medium Tots or Chili Cheese Coney and Medium Tots. You can grab those delicious Sonic menus only $2.99. You can get this menu on the limited time only for you who have gathered as Sonic Dire-Ins Member. Awesome!

  • ½ Price after 8 PM

The next Sonic Deals in both of Sonic in service is about ½ prices only for all Shakes, Floats and Ice Cream Slushes. But, you have to come to Sonic Locations after 8:00 PM.

  • New Soft Pretzel Twist
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After that, you may try the new Sonic Menu that you can get only $1.99. You are able to enjoy the Pretzel with the signature cheese sauce with the hot and golden menu. Even, you can get this menu when you get the services.

  • Family Night

Besides you can get ½ prices of floats and shakes, you are able to get ½ prices of Sonic Cheeseburgers. This deal is available every Tuesday at 5:00 PM until the store closes.

  • Free Slush or Drink

For the next, you can download Sonic App through the Google Play Store or Site and grab your free slush or Sonic Drinks for the new users. Even, the free beverages that you can get are Famous Slushes, Soft Drinks, Iced Teas, and Limeades.

  • Jump Start Your Morning

Well, you may make your mind fresh by starting the day with Sonic Drink Stop. You can get 99 cents for the Large Drinks and only $1.49 Large Specialty Drinks every day. But, this deal is only available until 10:00 AM.

  • Sonic Happy Hours

Guys, the first Sonic Happy Hours that you must try is about to visit Sonic Restaurant at 2:00 until 4:00 PM. At that time, you can get ½ prices of Drinks and Slushes. Even, you only need to pay for 99 cents only for two Corn Dogs.

  • Free Sonic Route 44

For the rest, you can enjoy the free Sonic Route 44 by taking the online TalktoSonic Customer Survey at It is the official Sonic Survey that accessible for all eligible customers. To deal with this deal, you need to enter the survey invitation codes that printed on your Sonic Receipt at Talk to Sonic Site.

How to Get the Information about Sonic Deals from Sonic Services?

After knowing those Sonic Deals, you may hope to stay updated with all Sonic Deals information. Well, you don’t need to worry as you can text Sonic Drive in Teams. In this case, you need to type “Deals” and send to 876-642. Then, you can gain the large information about Sonic Deals.


Alright, we have discussed so many things about the Sonic Drive In and Drive thru and the overall Sonic Restaurant information. Even, when you need to more information about this restaurant, you are better to visit or call Sonic Customer Service at 1-866-657-6642. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to try one of Sonic Deals. Best Luck!

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